Saturday, May 23, 2020

Plant Pollination - making your garden bee friendly

Happy final week of May.  Today we are chatting about helping our local native bee colonies stay healthy and productive by providing them the proper food from flowers.  In the Pacific Northwest we have many species of native bees.  Many gardeners in our region purchase, maintain and over winter our own colony of mason bees.  I currently have two sets of mason bees that have made their home on our property.  For more information on Mason Bees you can check out this LINK 

Questions for today’s lesson

1.  What are Mason Bees?
2.  Do Mason Bees sting?
3.  Where do Mason Bees live?
4.  What are 2 benefits of Mason Bees?
5.  How can I encourage Mason Bees?

To help us with this subject I’ve included a video HERE from the Big Bug Hunt.  (Note:  at the end of the video he discusses the garden planner which is a free app to help you design your garden.)

Enjoy the video and keep your eyes out for our local bee populations!!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Making plant pots from school lunch waste

Welcome to sunny week 3 of May.  Here is an awesome video from the Main Children's Garden Project talking about how to recycle the containers you are getting in your weekly food delivery from the school district into plant pots to grow more food!

He talks about where to find soil and I’ll add one additional place.  If where you live has gopher mounds, this is the best soil.  It usually comes from a foot down as the gopher digs and pushes it up.  It generally doesn’t have weed seed.  So take your bucket and your hand trowel out and collect those gopher mounds! 

Happy Gardening.  Here is the video link.