Friday, July 17, 2020

Happy Friday! Here’s your garden planner for the week from Mother Earth News.

Mother Earth News Garden Planner
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Greetings, gardeners! In case you are new to the Garden Planner, note that our twice-monthly newsletters bring you timely gardening tips and provide a list of customized planting reminders based on your garden plans.

Composting in the office often seems like a far-off dream, but here at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS headquarters, we’ve found an office-friendly solution: a repurposed trash can for the collection bin and a compost bin built from pallets.

Composting is a natural process, similar to the way nature breaks down leaves and other dead material on the forest floor.

If we want to re-create the kind of soft, fertile soil we find under the leaf carpet of a forest rather than the gooey muck of a marsh, we need to think of a compost heap as a living thing that requires the essentials of all living things: air, food, and water in a balanced combination when maintaining a healthy compost pile.

Sowing and Planting Reminders from Your Plans

You can click on any name to be taken to the relevant GrowGuide for that plant.

There are no plants in your garden plans for 2020 which need to be sown under cover or indoors at the moment.

Plants you can sow outdoors or plant out over the next two weeks:
Johnny Jump Up 
Tomato (Large) 
Tomato (Small) 

General Planting Reminders for your Area

You can click on any name to be taken to the relevant GrowGuide for that plant.

Sow under cover or indoors:

Sow outdoors or plant out:
Beans (Bush Snap) 
Tomato (Large) 

(Please remember that dates for sowing and planting are general recommendations based on the frost dates you have specified. You should always consult instructions on your seed packets and adjust for your local climate and weather if necessary. Plants marked with a * are using custom dates that you specified for the plant or variety.)

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